Monday, October 16, 2017

The Week of October the 16th

Monday the 16th
Work sucked. It was my first real bad day and it is going to be followed by two, maybe three more. I am almost losing my voice from talking so much. I had zero time to check any investments, or even how the market did today. My only bright spot was Cara Therapeutics. Was up 7% in the pre market, but only finished +3.29%. Better than the last two days of lower and lowerer.

As for my option contracts - both fell by dollars. The plural kind. When I have more time and energy and feedback about the day I will do a more rigorous update.

Tuesday the 17th
Very ehh today. Nothing to report

Wednesday the 18th
MUCH better day. Work was less busy and CVS, like I tweeted about this morning, had a good day. Up 2.02% since the bulls finally won. Because of leveraging, my long contract position increased by 27.88% - the equivalent of $72.49! I apologize for my lack of writing this week. My real job has just killed me to the point where I don't want to do anything besides sit and doing nothing.

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