Monday, October 23, 2017

Week of October 23rd

Monday & Tuesday
Monday = Good.
Tuesday = Bad.

Starting with the good. This actually goes back to Friday when CVS shot up to $76.49 from an open of $74.87. The big of a jump pushed my option position through the roof! If the roof is at 20%, then through the roof is accurate. Three consecutive up days and my CVS position gained back everything that was previously lost and then some. Monday was their ex-dividend date so the 50 cent fall wasn't actually a fall. Actually pushed my position up another 5% to a total gain of 28.60% (+$102.30). Monday was an even better day because my INFY position was almost at break-even! The stock popped almost two percent and my call saw a likewise jump in value.

Monday, October 16, 2017

The Week of October the 16th

Monday the 16th
Work sucked. It was my first real bad day and it is going to be followed by two, maybe three more. I am almost losing my voice from talking so much. I had zero time to check any investments, or even how the market did today. My only bright spot was Cara Therapeutics. Was up 7% in the pre market, but only finished +3.29%. Better than the last two days of lower and lowerer.

As for my option contracts - both fell by dollars. The plural kind. When I have more time and energy and feedback about the day I will do a more rigorous update.

Monday, October 9, 2017

The Week of October 9th

Monday the 9th
Heck of a start to my week. AMD took off for the moon this morning and my call was following suit. It opened up 0.88% and I thought, "Ok great. If it stays around this level then that's a solid day. I'll take it." I got busy with work for a few minutes and didn't check again until 9:47am. Up 2.47% after 17 minute and my own position was about about 12%. I was feeling it! Getting excited after seeing the chart going almost vertical was like seeing a unicorn. I was really excited for where it was going. The price was approaching the resistance line and I knew my time was limited. An hour later, the stock was up to $13.72 and it wasn't done. Around 11:00am the price of one share of AMD hit and broke $13.80 and for me that was it. My position alone was up 20% on the DAY and I ended up making the sale and pocketing a near 30% after commission and fees. One hundred and ten dollars, usd.

Actually writing that out makes it seem pretty sad that I am so pumped for that. There are people that you read about making thousands and thousands of dollars on one trade. For me personally, this is what it's all about. I know I'm not going to me making thousands of dollars on my trades. Realistically  - with the money I am putting down - I am elated when I'm able to get just one hundred. My hope is that the more I do this, the more I am able to learn about investing, the better I will get at writing (because I'm sure I'm fairly boring), and the more I will be able to make. Hopefully this will document the growth of my portfolio instead of the demise.

Other notable portfolio movements. My INFY contract didn't move at all. It opened up $10.00 but fell to no gain by market close. My position in MACK - Merrimack Pharmaceutical - fell 7.09% taking exactly ten dollars from my investment. Besides that it was a day of little to no movement.
I forgot to mention that I recently acquired shares of SKT and UBNK.  I liked where each of them stood financially, technically, and they give a good, consistent dividend. Neither of them moved too much since the buy or today. That concludes my Monday update.

Monday, October 2, 2017

The Week of October 2nd

Monday the 2nd
I started the day feeling fantastic about myself. I actually rolled out of bed at my alarm and strolled on over to the gym, ate breakfast, and was ready for work early! Too bad traffic destroyed me,as per usual. You'd think after three months I'd be used to it. Nope. I mean I was still early to work, but being stuck in traffic is the bane of my existence. Top 5 least favorite things I have experienced.

As far as the market goes I was really surprised that we had a positive day. After the terror attack that occurred in Las Vegas I just assumed the futures would be red, the VIX would be up, and the DOW, S&P, and NASDAQ would be down. To my bewilderment, it was only the Nasdaq that dipped into the negative, though it quickly recovered.

Infosys closed today at $14.69, up 9 cents from the previous day. The 0.62% gain caused my option position to increase 5.56% - the equivalent of $5.00.

AMD on the other hand closed today $12.71 which was down 4 cents. The -0.31% loss is equal to a -0.46% loss in my call position. Much closer to 1 to 1 relationship. On slower days this week I will go into more depth as to why I made these purchases.

In other portfolio news it was actually a good day, overall. I think the idea of the Trump Administration tax corporate tax cuts helped Disney. MarketWatch posted a piece this morning listing a handful of companies effective tax rate and Disney was right up there around 35%. Cutting that down to the planned 20% would directly benefit Disney's bottom line, thus justifying the 1.32% gain during trading hours - the equivalent of an $18.32 gain to my Disney position.

The other "big" gainer for myself today was Cara Therapeutics. If you look through my post history and tweet history you'll see my love for this company. I won't get into it here. Cara finished trading up 2.85% from open gaining me an extra $31.98.

The Week of September 24th

I have wanted to start something like this for a while now. The reason I haven't lies in the fact that I didn't have enough money to start actively investing. I have a tiny portfolio, but I wanted something that I would be able to write about every week. Meaning that I would change something, or come up with a new idea, or make a trade that would actually be worthwhile writing about. If we are being very honest, I don't know what to do with my current portfolio. I bought these things without doing the necessary research, or basically any relevant research. It's down. I have been having an internal battle with myself as to whether I wait it out, or if I bite the bullet and just completely burn the portfolio.

Maybe I'm not nearly as smart as I like to think and I would continue to make these bad decisions. In summary, there has been very little movement in my portfolio and writing about it week in and week out would be a snooze fest. But now. NOW. I have finally been approved to buy calls.

I figured now would be as good a time as ever to get something started. I made a few moves this week and want to write it out. Personally, I am very interested in how people make their money. I want you to understand that this isn't my main source of income. I'm sure you all think you're smarter than me. I bet a lot of you are. But here I am and here you are. So I'll take it for what it is. Curiosity.