Monday, July 15, 2019

Starting from Scratch

I started this blog when I was still in school at The Ohio State University. My first post was back in October of 2016. I would jump from topic to topic with no clear path or direction. Here we are in July 2019 and I have started to figure some things out.

I graduated in the spring of 2017 and got my first job working at a phone site in the financial (ish) sector. As more time has passed, I’ve started getting a much better idea of what I like doing, what’s important to me and what I believe is the best path to take the blog. The Uninformed Investor won’t focus on individual stocks or analysis, there won’t be any, “why stock ABC will go up/down X%” or, “How to make money fast”. Instead, I want to start from scratch. I’ve come to realize there are too many people who don’t know or understand the basics of investing. Not to say I know everything, but I have seen this lack of knowledge lead to wrong decisions being made. People being taken advantage of by sales people and misled by financial advisors, and it’s not okay.  

It’s important to build a strong, stable base of market and investment knowledge. It will help a great deal in understanding what a financial advisor is telling you, or selling you and more importantly the right questions to ask. Rather than somersaulting off the high dive and going head first into the deep end, I want to start on the stairs in the shallow end. One step at a time. With each step, taking a minute to become accustomed to the information and making sure it makes sense before the next.

What are the basics?

  • What is a Stock?
  • What is a Bond?
  • What is the Stock Market and Bond Market?
  • And so on….

If these are topics you’re already comfortable with, great! As the basics get built, we’ll transition into the more intermediate topics; things that can be built up from the basics. Questions are encouraged, feedback is always appreciated, and welcome to the blog!

Here's to making the Uninformed, informed.

The Uninformed Investor

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